Monday, March 22, 2010

Precious than all the treasures in the ocean

Working as a seafarer is one of the perfect profession if you want to earn a higher salary. It's like you're digging treasures from the bottom of the sea or an island, especially in the Philippines or those countries that the standard of living are not that too much higher like those richest countries. But it is a fact that only few seafarers are not much aware of the reality that there's more precious than the treasure they can earn when they work at sea.

So let me ask this first.
Why do you want to work?
Why do you want to earn money?
To have a better future with your family. Am I right?

So it's because of our family or future family that's why we are striving so hard to earn money. But being a seafarer is being on the sea and away from your family for a very long time, that is how it is. But what is more important to you as a person? Money or your family? The most precious treasure is being together with your family having a happy, satisfied and complete life. We are not born to just earn money, we are not born just to collect wealth, we are born to be happy, we are born to make our love ones happy. So we must log this in our mind that there's no treasure will be more precious than our own family.

Full Speed Ahead!

As we graduated from school we are equipped with knowledge and courage to attain our very own goal. But for me it's not easy to attain it, huge waves, storms and obstacles are heading straight ahead of me which delayed me to go on that destination, but it made me a better strong person. Even though my colleagues are now a few steps ahead of me, my will to reach my goal is still strong and getting stronger as I go on.

Now that I'm getting close to it, I won't let those huge waves, storms and obstacles to stop me again, I will surely surpass them with this knowledge and courage equipped on me; and of course with faith in God, those obstacles are nothing but dust. So hold on everyone, I'm gonna set my sails and steer FULL SPEED AHEAD to aim for my dream.